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A little amazing thing called inspiration

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There is nothing better than feeling inspired. I’m constantly inspired by extraneous factors which in their own way manages to inspire me. I let myself inspired by everything from architecture, literature, fashion, photography and much more. I love the rush in my stomach when I feel that something goes up to a higher level when something fits perfectly. It’s difficult to identify and explain, but extremely inspiring. I love when my mind is filled with thoughts and impressions. It makes me feel alive.

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music to the mind

I’ve always had a thing for old hits. A kind of a pleasant weakness. The songs have a very different energy than the music being played on the radio. The music reminds me of the summers I drove with my family on vacation when I was younger. We had two CDs which we heard over and over again. It’s funny how music can be combined with experiences, so you connect a special song with a special memory.