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Style inspiration

tumblr_lx0uwpM8Aq1qzgajlo1_500tumblr_ms1gyaWPiy1r7f4x2o1_400tumblr_mso4c0YOhY1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_mqbc6zJfBj1qhtdsto1_500tumblr_mqft4la2mr1r7r778o1_500tumblr_mj0wbfl1Ax1s7q4nmo1_500tumblr_mr1vwirRAk1s6q3too1_500tumblr_lypbdof3Td1qj0lr7o1_400tumblr_mse9e2Lifv1qzh0vno1_400 tumblr_mfcn28uIGN1rw3ltdo1_500tumblr_mrxad5uiIF1qbh2xto1_500tumblr_mseauiZrhv1rrltbwo1_500tumblr_mrvkmkwTax1ro8668o1_500tumblr_mpkcyxtjIx1qlz0x8o1_500tumblr_mqrocrQlvM1rk8a70o1_500

All these images represent a source of my inspiration. I wouldn’t necessarily go dressed like this but I’ll let myself be inspired by the images and customize the looks to match my style. This autumn I will fill my wardrobe with custom shirts, casual knit sweaters and loose jackets to go well dressed through the winter.


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