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What defines a healthy and balanced lifestyle? The definition is individual. Some chains health together with running and to lift weights regularly. Others feels healthy when they drink a glass of wine with some friends. But what is health and what characterize the balanced lifestyle? I look at health in two ways: you can do things that are healthy for your body or your soul. The importance for me is not from what source health comes from, as long as the balance is maintained. I understand that some people feel healthy when they eat natural food and workout regularly – but what about the mind and soul? When is the body become more important than our inner states?

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A rainy day with thoughts about creative urge

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I’ve a complicated mind with dreamy thoughts and an endless amount of gumption. My ambitions for myself is incredibly high and I have an unwavering need to challenge myself. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m not accomplishes something. I love the feeling I get when I’m dynamic and creative but my urge to create is causing problems – it removes my focus from things I have to do. Right now the thoughts that fill my mind is to find a balance in life I can be happy with. I want to find a balance where I can dream and let me inspire, but with both feet on the ground.
I really want to create something I’m good at – something I have to work hard to achieve. Not for the sake of others but for myself.

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Sunday’s pictures

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I’m making myself mentally ready for a new period. A period where I will use my time on search for inspiration, not let me seduce by the nights and I’ll try to feel pleased and satisfied for my quiet productive moments. I will strengthen my spine and feel the essence of myself. I will strengthen my special entirety and find out what the future can and should offer me… and I’ll fight to feel myself and be satisfied. I’ll go all the way until I find what I’m looking for.

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The urge to escape..

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I want to escape – to get away. I’m dreaming of distant places, hoping to be able to shut down the painful feeling of being trapped. I’m not a quitter. I’m focused and determined – always ending what I started. But when I don’t have my heart and mind into what I started it’s different. My current position is suffocating and makes me feel ill. I keep fighting because I’m a fighter. But the unfree and unshakeable feeling eats me up – deprives me my energy ans drains my brain for creative thoughts. I’m not voracious or expectant for what life will offer me. I don’t expect that neither happiness or sucess comes by itself. I will not just settle for a good life when I want the best. I will feel fully satisfied. I don’t deserve better than everyone else, but I’m willing to fight to achieve what I want.

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So thankful

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I can’t tell how proud and thankful I am. I’m so grateful and filled with joy. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. People that I love and admire. I have fought a battle and chosen life and all that it contains. Easy as difficult times has made me who I am. At the end is life waiting for me at its most beautiful way. Being surrounded by so much joy, positivity and having a good self esteem is priceless.

I think everything comes to those who are fighting. Struggling for life and its joy. It’s about being strong even in difficult times. You must believe in yourself and go for your goals. Believe that we all have equal access to happiness. No one deserves better than others, as long as our conscience is clean. Faith and hope moves no mountains – Determination and fighting is needed.