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Complexed personality

Skærmbillede 2014-02-03 kl. 00.43.26Skærmbillede 2014-02-03 kl. 00.31.56

I’ve a complexed personality and a light which goes in many directions. To combine my various sites and get them to meet in a higher unity is not always the easiest thing. My desire, my common sense, my instincts and my future plans are pointing in opposite directions and makes it hard to take the right choice. For what is the right choice? Is it doing what feels right a the moment or is it to make a choice that gives me more value in the long term? It’s not about finding myself – it’s quite the opposite actually – I’ve to figure out how to choose in complex situations where the specific choices will affect the following day or period. It’s depleting to fight for two such different things in so infinitely incompatible directions. The ambivalence takes over for a while.


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