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Go through suffering


Life has burned its way into my bones and I’m facing the pure reality of the world. I’m have been running in circles and it burns me up inside. I’m naked and devoid of filters. Exposed to the world where no one understands. I’m twisting my body and mind inwards just to find a tiny bit of something sensitivity. Something profound and vulnerable. I find nothing.

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And suddenly I try to escape again. I’m closing my eyes for a while and hope everything will pass. I’m being eaten up from the inside. Bit by bit I’m disappearing. And then I lie there. Half dead, without words and with both hands above my head. With tears down my cheeks, waving the white flag. Without hope. Without the strength to push back.

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Bitches with ambitions

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The term ambition is misused. Many people have a lack of coherence between their goals and dreams. The lack of communication and action between these two terms is leading to a lack of ambitions. If you have a strong persistent desire to achieve goals that for you is incredibly attractive but hard to reach, go fight with everything you have and never give up – then you have ambitions.



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Reaching for goals

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All my life I’ve struggled hard to reach my goals. I’m perfectionistic and I’d rather do without than settle for less. My philosophy of life have got me down several times. Suddenly I lie there without the ability to satisfy my own requirements. My inner strength decreases and it costs a lot of time – but I’ll not settle. I’ll be lying until I’m ready to rise again. Adversity and despair are not allowed to set the agenda. Hell no. I’ll go all the way.. every single time.



First kiss

I find this little video incredibly inspiring and life-affirming. There’s something magical about the first meeting and I find the way that the participating exhibits intimacy breathtaking. Meeting new people is a basic part of life and yet a limit that’s hard to break.