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This month’s #1

This month’s music obsessions

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This month’s must haves

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Music obsessions: Birk Storm with “Together”, “Into the Light”, “Time to Remember”, “You Are Coated”. Coldplay with “Magic”, “A Sky Full Of Stars”, “Fix You”. Birdy with “People Help the People”, “Light Me Up”. Mont Oliver with “Give Me Nothing”.

Must haves: A pinstriped suit in the finest deep blue tint from Acne. Clutch from Balenciaga. Sandals from Birkenstock and T-shirt with white print from STORM.



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I never did


Never, have I ever gone through life in monotony. Either I found myself in a rush of rapture or deeply buried in a black cloud of despair and sadness. I believe that if something is really bad and it’s almost unbearable you’ll feel the rush of happiness amplified on the other side. It’s yes or no. Fight or let go. To have faith or to drown in sadness.

I don’t know what grey is. I never did.

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The small dark mind

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I’ve ignored a big lump in my throat. It continues to grow and I’m about to fall apart. I thought that everything would work out by itself but that was an illusion. I need to find my happy place. But instead I escape from reality. With cloudy eyes and a heavy heart I try to find a way out but my luggage weighs me down. But no one can see it. No one will ever believe it. You’ll be fine they say.. Bullshit.



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My drug is my way to disappear from the reality, saving myself for the moment and forget the future. It’s fucking stupid and unintelligent but I must admit that I love it. My melancholy and dramatic dark side loves the rush it gives me. On the other hand, my spine and ambitions for the future get crushed. Time after time, with no prospect of its ending. My dark little mind. My drug.