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Copenhagen dining (part 2)

Grill Royal – Kongens Nytorv 26

Skærmbillede 2014-07-13 kl. 13.08.18

“Madklubben” has recently opened a restaurant located at Kongens Nytorv named Grill Royal. Both the food and the service makes the place worth a visit. I invited my friends for b-day dinner and we got the most delicious steak meat, crispy fries and a fresh salad. In addition we had a bottle of champagne. Perfectly relaxed and resoundingly delicious.

Carlton – Halmtorvet 14

Skærmbillede 2014-07-13 kl. 13.08.35

Carlton in the heart of Vesterbro is the place to order the classic café dishes if you like the combination of modern and unconventional compositions. My friend and I had mussels, french fries and homemade bread and a glass of chardonnay. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch in good company in the summer heat.

Fredco’s deli – Grønnegade 32 

Skærmbillede 2014-07-13 kl. 13.08.52

Fredco’s deli is my favorite place to eat lunch when I’ve been shopping or working in the city. I love their mix-yourself-salads which means I can avoid all the salads or topping I don’t like. It’s a fast, healthy, tasty and cheap lunch on the go.


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