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Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 21.22.56Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 21.22.28

Getting back to everyday life is for me to get back to a nutritious natural diet, morning yoga and cardio. It gives me energy and joy which is especially important to me when I’m facing the winter. The dark season allows time for reflection and space for new decisions why it’s good to be clear-headed.

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She screwed it up


She looks pale. Life is seeping out of her. The sparkle in her eyes fades away and gets replaced by a hazy cloudy look. Her smile is gone. The hope has she thrown away. She’s all alone. She has pushed everyone around her away and all she has left is her dismal mind. She looks desperately around to find a touch of happiness to soak in but she finds nothing. One thing she had forgotten; she once had a fucking choice. But she screwed it up.. and now she’s lost.

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The everyday life

Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 19.51.11Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 19.51.20
Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 19.51.20Skærmbillede 2014-08-19 kl. 19.51.11

The feeling of being back in school is ambivalent. I’m finally reading something I’m passionate about and it makes me feel incredibly lucky and privileged. But getting back to the “everyday life” also means going back to structure and monotony – A place that’s hard for someone like me to find peace in because it restricts my artistic freedom significant. But hey, I’ll try to stay positive and observe my small dark mind from a insensitive distance.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Skærmbillede 2014-08-05 kl. 21.50.37Skærmbillede 2014-08-05 kl. 21.50.37

There’s nothing like the rush of online shopping. The time from ordering to receiving may seem unreasonably long and it’ll get your expectations for the product to rise. That’s the thing about online shopping; either you’ll be pleased and surprised in a positive way when you’re receiving your item, otherwise you’ll feel disappointed. I’ve just got my monthly shipment from Asos. I’ve received three beautiful dresses at an extremely reasonable price and I therefore hope that the sun will continues to shine some time yet.



Before you die..

# Ben Pearce – What I Might Do
# Beyoncé – XO
# Birdy – Skinny Love
# Birdy – People Help The People
# Birdy – Light Me Up
# Birk Storm – You Are Coated
# Birk Storm – Time to Remember
# Birk Storm – Into the Light
# Coldplay – Magic
# Coldplay – Paradise
# Coldplay – The scientist
# Coldplay – Fix you
# Daft Punk – Instant Crush
# Disclosure – You & Me
# Disclosure – Latch
# Disclosure – Help me lose my mind
# Dúné – Heiress of Valentina
# Dúné  – Please Bring Me Back
# Dúné – Memories
# Dúné – Time to leave
# Dúné – Heat
# Dúné – Get It Get It
# Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You
# Frank Ocean – Swim Good
# Frank Ocean – Bad Religion
# John Legend – All of Me
# Julias Moon – Bay
# Julias Moon – Lipstick Lies
# Karl William – Rammer Perfekt
# Karl William – Alt Indvendigt
# Karl William – Foruden at forgude
# Lukas Graham – Better Than Yourself
# Lukas Graham – Ordinary Things
# Mendoza – Love Druggie
# Mont Oliver – 19
# Mont Oliver – Nobody Knows
# MØ – Say You’ll Be There
# MØ – Walk This Way
# Rihanna – Pour It Up
# Route 94 – My Love
# Scarlet Pleasure – Under the Palm Trees
# Scarlet Pleasure – Windy
# Sebastian Lind – Fake
# Selvmord – Råb Under Vand
# Shift K3y – Touch
# Sia – Chandelier
# Sivas – D.a.u.d.a
# Sting – Englishman in New York
# Tove Lo – Stay High, Habits
# Ulige Numre – Blå
# Ulige Numre – København
# Vinnie Who – 39
# Vinnie Who – Remedy
# Vinnie Who – Killer Bee
# The Weeknd – Wicked Games
# The xx – Intro
# Zedd – Stay The Night
# Zedd – Spectrum
# The 1975 – Chocolate