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Then it turns around


Life smiles in my direction and gives me a little time to enjoy. A warm feeling fills my body with joy and gratitude. The illusion of life seems more hopeful than ever. The finish line is no longer out of sight. My dark little mind is taking a break.

personal, picture inspiration, thoughts

Tonight is different


I do not go out that often anymore. The desire to drink myself into a stupor, away from the moment, away from the reality isn’t appealing in the same way as before. I’ve changed. Less self-destructive than before. Looking towards the light trying to keep the demons down. Filling myself with work and other activities so there is no time for excesses. But tonight, tonight my dear, things will happen. I’m going out. Not in order to repress anything but because I want to. Because I’m going out with the people I love and care about.

Xoxo, a not so dark mind after all.

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The butterflies begins to fly. The focus gets sharpened. Your knees starts shaken a little more than usual. – The fascination of the opposite sex is not to be ignored. He fills you with illusions that may or may not be real. You gets motivated. He awakens the best sides of you and even on a bad day he makes you fight for your goals. But be aware. Thank him for the motivation. It’s the illusions that keeps you going.