Saturday morning


More wine


Let the blood flow, thoughts fly and your body discover weightlessness.

Pour it up. Keep on filling my glass until my injuries doesn’t seems noticeable anymore. Watch me get fuckt up. Let my tears mingle with the taste of the sinful drops. So naturally, so unsightly. Pour it up.. and then give me a little more.

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A choice to make – education


I’m facing a big decision regarding my further education. I have to choose between: product and design psychology (AAU), philosophy (KU) or design culture and economy (SDU). I find all three educational opportunities incredibly interesting but no matter what I choose I have to sacrifice something. I’ve always felt that everything was possible here in Copenhagen. I guess I was wrong but the distance should not be the decisive factor for my choice even though it feels completely unrealistic to move away from home. It’s a tough choice to take but I’m sure that I’ll stay positive and find joy wherever I end up.

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A dirty thankless creature

Skærmbillede 2014-11-17 kl. 16.42.40

Welcome to the headquarter of duplicity. The place in which the fictional reality has reached a whole new level. The place where everyone wrap themselves in cotton wool and coloured scraps so they won’t be hurt by life. To see the reality as it is that’s so last season. Apparently. Sympathy and compassion belong to the past. As long as the nail polish is shining and we got many likes on the social medias everything will be okay, right?
I don’t like you human. You’re a dirty thankless creature.

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Skærmbillede 2014-11-12 kl. 21.28.31

I’ve just re-read an old article with Kidd in Cover Man. Somehow he managed to inspire me. I was most fascinated by him when he had his fuck-everyone-and-everything attitude back in the beginning. Kidd and his crew managed to create a very special atmosphere in the city space. A crew with self irony and a disrespect for the established music industry. An attitude to life by and I loved it.