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Literary porn.

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Literature is one of my many run away from reality. It’s a time warp of dreams, despair, rebellion and skepticism.
People should read some more. Social medias is so poor in content and makes people feel nothing beside bad self-esteem. Books is the shit. Real art without filter.

Politikens forlag – Turen går til Paris
Patti Smith – Drømmespinderi 
Patti Smith – Just Kids
Maria Gerhardt – Der bor Hollywoodstjerner på vejen
Yahya Hassan digte – Yahya Hassan
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Instagram food guide

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       Cafe Europa       //        Kompa´9         //        Bar’ Vin 

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       Granola         //     Original Coffee      //    FoderbrættetKBH

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       Fredco’s Deli       //          Ravage          //         Toldboden

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      PS Bar & Grill      //           Auto         //      Ved Stranden 10

I often use Instagram when it comes to food. It’s simply impossible to keep track down all the small resturants and cafées that occurs around in the cityspace all the time. Therefore Instagram is an easy way to discover new places, dishes or to share a good dining experience with your friends.

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Copenhagen dining (part 2)

Grill Royal – Kongens Nytorv 26

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“Madklubben” has recently opened a restaurant located at Kongens Nytorv named Grill Royal. Both the food and the service makes the place worth a visit. I invited my friends for b-day dinner and we got the most delicious steak meat, crispy fries and a fresh salad. In addition we had a bottle of champagne. Perfectly relaxed and resoundingly delicious.

Carlton – Halmtorvet 14

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Carlton in the heart of Vesterbro is the place to order the classic café dishes if you like the combination of modern and unconventional compositions. My friend and I had mussels, french fries and homemade bread and a glass of chardonnay. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch in good company in the summer heat.

Fredco’s deli – Grønnegade 32 

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Fredco’s deli is my favorite place to eat lunch when I’ve been shopping or working in the city. I love their mix-yourself-salads which means I can avoid all the salads or topping I don’t like. It’s a fast, healthy, tasty and cheap lunch on the go.

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Copenhagen dining

PS Bar & Grill – Pilestræde 12A

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A cozy place in the heart of Copenhagen. They handle everything from the little hunger, a glass of wine or a full dinner. I’m especially excited about their grilled goat cheese with a glass of wine. It’s simple but goddamn delicious.

Granola – Værnedamsvej 5

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Granola is a thoroughly old-fashion French café. The menu offers small simple but tasty dishes such as oatmeal, cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit or croissants. Granola is a true oasis with the space to lean back and enjoy a good cup of coffee while it’s swarming around with kids from the French school located down the road.

Torvehallerne – Frederiksborggade 21

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Two large halls filled with food and other delicacies. Buy filled chocolates, small Spanish canapés, meat and fish for the grill, healthy tasty salads or freshly squeezed orange juice. Remember always to work up an appetite for your visit.