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Then it turns around


Life smiles in my direction and gives me a little time to enjoy. A warm feeling fills my body with joy and gratitude. The illusion of life seems more hopeful than ever. The finish line is no longer out of sight. My dark little mind is taking a break.

healthy, personal, picture inspiration

Well – Hello cold season

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In November I’ll be like:
A self-absorbed young lady trying to find herself and her well-being.
A low slender girl in big sweaters.
The type who prefers the early hours in bed.
The girl who spend a fortune on coffee and have deep conversations with her girlfriends.
The happy and grateful girl who is sufficiently drunk on the way out with her ​​friends.

The kind of girl where all the bitches are thinking – how can this girl be so self-absorbed, always thinking and writing about herself. And I’ll be like – so what? If I can not be self-centered in my own life, where can I?