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A few people got me.. most of them didn’t.

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I’m a human with a past. Some periods worse than others. It has resulted in a darker mind and a pessimistic approach to life. I miss all of these self destructive, creative, out of line periods. I felt like hell back then but it was magic. I was way out of line but things made sense. I stepped out from the crowd and did not give a shit for anyone or anything. I was alive.. affected or intoxicated the most of the time. But I had fun and people commented on it. A few people got me.. most of them didn’t. They were all conscientious and took responsibility. I did neither. It was real fucking art.

“No darkness. No clue. No me. No you.”
– @malenechristine

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This month’s #1

This month’s music obsessions

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This month’s must haves

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Music obsessions: Birk Storm with “Together”, “Into the Light”, “Time to Remember”, “You Are Coated”. Coldplay with “Magic”, “A Sky Full Of Stars”, “Fix You”. Birdy with “People Help the People”, “Light Me Up”. Mont Oliver with “Give Me Nothing”.

Must haves: A pinstriped suit in the finest deep blue tint from Acne. Clutch from Balenciaga. Sandals from Birkenstock and T-shirt with white print from STORM.