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The little beast I talked about

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I can barely wait any longer. What held me back before was the fear of regret. That factor is no longer present and I’ve thereby no more excuses left. Now it is. Above is my inspiration board which is based on parts of the human body which besides their function has a symbolic meaning. Let the ink flow. My beautiful little beast.


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Style inspiration: Marie Jedig

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She runs one of the biggest fashion blogs and over time she has become a style icon. She have blogged for about five years and her style has changed significantly over the years. From vintage lover to a girl with a raw look, she is today very minimalistic in her style with a focus on products of good quality. Actually, I felt more inspired by her back in the time. She had a less minimalistic look. Her style had a more personal feel which made her more admirable. I have gathered my favorite looks through time, to share the inspiration of a young woman with a unique style.