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I’ve just re-read an old article with Kidd in Cover Man. Somehow he managed to inspire me. I was most fascinated by him when he had his fuck-everyone-and-everything attitude back in the beginning. Kidd and his crew managed to create a very special atmosphere in the city space. A crew with self irony and a disrespect for the established music industry. An attitude to life by and I loved it.

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Style inspiration: Marie Jedig

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She runs one of the biggest fashion blogs and over time she has become a style icon. She have blogged for about five years and her style has changed significantly over the years. From vintage lover to a girl with a raw look, she is today very minimalistic in her style with a focus on products of good quality. Actually, I felt more inspired by her back in the time. She had a less minimalistic look. Her style had a more personal feel which made her more admirable. I have gathered my favorite looks through time, to share the inspiration of a young woman with a unique style.